ERDF Grant Assistance to Local Authority Capital Works announced

The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government today  announced the proposed local authority capital projects around Ireland that have been approved for European Regional Development Fund grants for sustainable urban development under the Designated Urban Centres Grants Scheme 2014 – 2020.

Funding under the Scheme will enable project investments in Irish urban centres of the order of €127 million over the period to 2020 of which €40 million will be funded from the ERDF with matching funding from the relevant local authorities.

This ERDF co-funded grants scheme seeks specifically to increase the number of integrated regeneration initiatives to improve the urban environment and revitalise Irish urban areas.

Environment, Community and Local Government Minister Alan Kelly said:

There is a strong correlation between healthy and vibrant urban centres and the creation of an attractive environment and enterprise development within the wider region. Strong urban centres enable their regions to realise their potential in attractiveness for business investment, for Foreign Direct Investment for tourism and creating conducive and attractive locations for investment and for people to live and work in.