Kingspan Insulated Panels Releases its 2015 Divisional Sustainability Report

Kingspan Insulated Panels today releases its 2015 Sustainability Report, which sets out the division’s environmental, social and economic performance for the period 2012 to 2014. ‘Walk the Talk – Our Responsibility and Performance’ uses the GRI reporting framework and has been third party verified.

This comes weeks after the parent company, Kingspan Group plc, was one of only 113 companies awarded a position on The Climate “A” List 2015 by the Carbon Disclosure Project.

“This report is proof of our commitment to educating and enabling the industry to create better buildings. Through a constant focus on research, product innovation and training, our mission is to set new standards for the performance of buildings. By applying the very same approach and solutions developed for customers to our own operations, we are reducing our energy bills and our environmental footprint,” said Gilbert McCarthy, Divisional Managing Director, Kingspan Insulated Panels.

Achievements highlighted in the report include:

  • Energy efficiency measures undertaken by Kingspan Group during the period 2013 to 2014 saved 15GWh, adding circa €1 million to net profit
  • Over 34% of energy used by Kingspan Insulated Panels in 2014 came from renewable sources
  • The division reduced its carbon emissions by almost 50% during the reporting period, helping parent company Kingspan Group plc become listed on the CDP Climate A List
  • Kingspan Insulated Panels facilities in Sherburn, Holywell and Walsall in the UK & Kingscourt in Ireland are zero waste to landfill
  • Energy efficiency measures undertaken by the division during the reporting period included the implementation of major energy performance contracts (EPCs) at Holywell and Sherburn and the installation of Kingspan Insulated Panels’ own solutions – particularly, Kingspan Energy Rooftop Solar PV and Kingspan’s ZerO Energy Lighting
  • Stakeholder engagement has been widespread across the division, including donations to local communities, employee volunteering, and customer training and support

In 2011, Kingspan Group plc committed to becoming a Net-Zero Energy business by 2020 – whereby all its facilities become energy neutral on an aggregated basis. This initiative has progressed well during the reported period, with the company expecting to hit its interim target of 50% by 2016 – despite increased production levels and major acquisitions.

During the reporting period, Kingspan Insulated Panels has brought new thinking and a number of major innovations to customers in the construction industry:

  • Research to inform new, best practice building techniques and holistic design principles for the development of high performance, energy-saving buildings
  • The development of IPN-QuadCore, a unique hybrid insulation core technology for use in insulated panels that has set new industry standards for thermal, environmental, fire and lifetime performance
  • Life cycle analysis to establish the environmental credentials of Kingspan insulated panels from cradle to grave over a 60-year period
  • The launch of ZerO Energy Lighting, a solution that achieves the optimum balance of natural and artificial light, and can completely eliminate lighting energy costs
  • The sharing of Kingspan’s knowledge through technical and design support, continuous professional development presentations and training programmes for installers

Kingspan Insulated Panels has reported in accordance with the GRI framework to a B+ standard. The division will continue to support Kingspan Group plc’s Net-Zero Energy ambition through ongoing investment in renewable energy across its sites, reducing its carbon footprint and meeting a 50% Net-Zero Energy target by 2016. The company also remains committed to the sharing of knowledge and best practices to advance the development of high performance, energy-saving buildings within the construction industry.

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