Limerick City and County Council outlines proposed Housing Budget for 2016

Limerick City and County Council is committing €2.9m for Housing Adaptation Grants in 2016 while it is increasing its overall investment in Local Authority Maintenance Budget by €350,000 to €4.85m next year.

The spending proposal will be considered by Elected Members during Friday’s Statutory Budget Meeting.

In 2015, over €4.5M was spent on the maintenance and improvement of the Council’s current housing stock of 5,122. The Council is proposing an increased investment of €350,000 in the maintenance of the housing units in 2016.

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Investment in the implementation of the key physical objectives of the Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan (LRFIP) will be maintained in 2016.

Over 60% of the new-build programme has received approval from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government with proposals for the remaining homes well advanced. Work is due to begin in 2016 on the 83-unit Lord Edward Street and the 10-unit Sheep Street sites. Works will begin in early 2016 on the development of 80 new homes in Southill, 50 homes in Cosgrave Park and 10 homes in Cliona Park. The thermal upgrade programme will also continue in 2016 with up to 110 schemes scheduled to benefit from energy upgrades.

Limerick City and County Council is also maintaining spending levels for three types of grants for owners of private housing specifically for the elderly, and people with a disability or mobility issues. €2,861,549 is being allocated for the administering of the Mobility Aid Grant (MAG), Housing Adaptation Grant (HAG) and Housing Aid for Older People (HOP).  

Meanwhile, the Local Authority will continue to operate a Disabled Persons Grant Scheme to assist persons to make alterations or modifications, which will help alleviate their disability in Council houses. Works undertaken through the Scheme include ramps, level access showers, stair lifts and extensions where necessary.

“Limerick City and County Council’s priority for 2016 is to focus on maintaining and increasing its local authority housing stock,” explained Pat Dowling, Director of Services, Home & Community.

“During 2016, the Council will be undertaking a conditional survey to provide a comprehensive picture of its housing stock and its condition which is an essential part of an asset management approach to sustainable management.

“This will allow us to develop specific work programmes on a planned multi-annual basis and will give us a reliable and consistent source of data for measuring and analysing what investment is required in order to ensure the longevity of our housing stock. The information also will provide us with the opportunity to inform ourselves on socio-economic information for use in the assessment of future housing needs,” added Mr. Dowling.

The Statutory Budget Meeting of Limerick City and County Council takes place at 10am on Friday (20th November 2015) in the Council Chamber, Dooradoyle, Limerick.