New mobile phone operator iD launches with build-your-own price plans

iD, operated by Dixon’s CarPhone, the country’s newest mobile operator will be launched today just two months after the service went live in the Britain and N. Ireland.

Hamish White, general manager, iD, said: “When it comes to mobile plans, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. At iD, we are giving customers a completely personalised experience. They are getting a network that treats them like an individual, and gives them maximum control and flexibility. Customers can choose plans that adapt and change with their needs. Most importantly, our plans are completely transparent – we give customers everything they want, and nothing that they don’t want.”

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iD will offer 4G on all its plans and at no extra cost, and on choosing a new phone, customers can decide how much they want to pay for the phone upfront.

Customers can then build their own plan, choosing from 100 to 5,000 minutes, 100 to 5,000 texts and 125 MB to 20 GB budget. There is also a SIM-only plan available.