Construction jobs on the up

The latest survey reveals that there has been a 17 per cent increase annually in total jobs advertised with 7 per cent rise in second quarter.

Sectors driving an annual increase of 17 per cent include: up 49 per cent; Construction, Architecture and Property, Telecoms, up 41 per cent; Science, Pharmaceuticals and Food, up 28 per cent; Financial Services and Insurance, up 18 per cent; Retail, up 15 per cent; and Tourism, up 14 per cent, compared with the same time last year.

Rising numbers of job vacancies are recorded against a backdrop of strong sentiment in the jobs market among jobseekers. Overall, 50 per cent of jobseekers, either employed, currently unemployed or in education and training, believe that the jobs market is improving. Of jobseekers surveyed, currently employed, two thirds believe that the jobs market it getting better and more than half claim to be more secure in their job compared with 12 months ago. Almost two in 10 have already received a salary increase this year and three in 10 are expecting an increase.

A great degree of mobility is evident among jobseekers. 93 per cent of those surveyed, both employed and unemployed, would upskill or retrain for a new job reflecting a work force that is open to filling available positions and taking on new challenges.

Increases across many sectors April-June 2015

During the second quarter this year, April-June 2015, employers were hiring across many sectors and the Jobs Index reports increases for sectors including: Medical Professionals and Healthcare, up 32 per cent; Legal, up 15 per cent; Manufacturing, up 17 per cent; Hotel and Catering, up 15 per cent; Science, Pharmaceuticals and Food, up 13 per cent; Transport, up 12 per cent; and IT, up 11 per cent.

Decrease for some sectors April-June 2015

Decreases were evident in some sectors in the second quarter 2015 with Sales and Marketing both down by 4 per cent; Social and Not for Profit, down 14 per cent; Security, down 8 per cent; and Customer Service and Call Centres, down 5 per cent.

Safann MacCarthy, Marketing Director, comments: “The Jobs Index has shown steady growth in the jobs market over the past year and this growth is gaining momentum. Year on year, services sector industries such as Financial Services and Insurance, up 49 per cent and Hotel and Catering, up 18 per cent; as well as Production, Manufacturing and Materials, up 32 per cent; and Construction, up 18 per cent, are driving this. Employers across SME’s and large enterprise are hiring at a greater rate with a very positive impact on the total number of jobs available.”