Irish Concrete Federation launches new Product Traceability Scheme with Improved quality standards and traceability at its core

The Irish Concrete Federation (ICF), the national body representing the quarry and concrete products industry, has just launched an initiative to improve the traceability of materials used in the construction supply chain and to promote greater use of product standards in the industry.

The ICF ‘Product Traceability Scheme’ will see individual suppliers certifying the origin of products supplied to individual construction projects in addition to stating product compliance with the relevant Irish and European standards.

ICF members account for approximately 80% of all aggregate (crushed rock, sand & gravel) and concrete products produced in Ireland and are therefore central to the Irish construction industry’s supply chain. Comprising 75 members across almost 300 locations in Ireland and employing approximately 4,000 people, ICF members are also significant employers in their own right as well as underpinning many thousands of jobs in the construction sector and the rural economy.

Speaking at the launch, Gerry Farrell, Chief Executive of the Irish Concrete Federation, stated “It is imperative that customers and end users have full confidence in the products that create our built environment. With the Product Traceability Scheme, Irish Concrete Federation members are taking a lead role in improving traceability and compliance with quality standards to ensure the integrity of the construction supply chain. 

Recent developments have seen the requirement for the vast majority of construction materials to carry the CE Mark and changes in Building Control regulations mean that builders, architects, engineers and surveyors – who must complete Certificates of Compliance with the new regulations – need the reassurance that the materials are produced to the required standards and are traceable to their point of manufacture.

This industry initiative will be of great benefit to all industry stakeholders, including suppliers, builders, construction professionals, regulatory authorities and most importantly customers.”

Speaking at the official launch of the initiative, Minister of State at the Department of the Environment with Special Responsibility for Housing, Planning and Coordination of the Construction 2020 Strategy, Paudie Coffey TD welcomed the industry initiative by saying “Today’s initiative by the Irish Concrete Federation should be commended; it will bring greater certainty to builders and new homeowners as to the origins of the products used in their homes and the standards that they have been manufactured to.  In recent years we have seen many homeowners having their houses destroyed because of poor products on sale in the construction sector; clearly it is not an acceptable situation where people’s homes and lives are ruined because products fail to meet the required standards. In this regard, I am fully supportive of this initiative, as it will complement the requirements already in force by my Department under the Construction Products Regulation, improve transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain and will lead to better record management on construction sites across the State.”

ICF members will produce approximately 24 million tonnes of aggregates and two million cubic metres of ready mixed concrete in 2015. The Product Traceability Scheme will come into effect on 1st July 2015 after which time a certificate will be available from the producer of the construction materials. For more info visit: