Engineers Ireland urges caution to Minister over building regulations review

At the 2015 Engineers Ireland Annual Conference in Killarney on Thursday, the Director General of Engineers Ireland and Chartered Engineer John Power said Ireland is once again experiencing growth in the construction industry but it is critical at this time that there should be no easing of compliance with the building regulations.

Mr. Power was speaking after the final days of the building regulations review which is underway by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.

The Engineers Ireland Annual Conference titled ‘Engineering and Technology: Delivering Tomorrow’s Ireland’ will see over 200 industry leaders gather in Killarney to discuss issues affecting the development of Ireland from an economic, social, industrial and educational standpoint and how engineering can help tackle the challenges facing the nation.

Power said, “Engineers Ireland supports any review of the system to ensure the smooth running of the certification process. However, we firmly believe that the mandatory requirement to comply with the building regulations for self-build properties, single dwellings or extensions to existing dwellings should remain in place.

Currently, to ensure the highest standard of quality and protection for building occupiers, the certification roles of assigned and design certifier are limited to chartered engineers, registered architects and chartered building surveyors. The nature of these professional titles means they are the most competent people to do so. Engineers Ireland does not believe there is a valid case to broaden the pool of professionals to undertake these roles.”