Energia helps Keelings go greener with 94 tonnes CO2 saving

Keelings, the Irish-owned fresh produce business, are set to reduce their carbon footprint by a massive 94 tonnes of CO2 this year thanks to an energy efficiency upgrade project with competitive energy provider Energia.

Energia, who supply gas to Keelings, undertook a major energy efficiency upgrade project at Keelings’ facilities at Foodcentral, Ireland’s national food and drink park in North County Dublin. They replaced the facilities’ existing lighting with an energy efficient LED system and fitted insulation in the company’s storage facilities.

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Denis McCarthy, Energia and Wasim Haskiya, Keelings’ Energy Manager

As a result Keeling’s are reducing their annual energy consumption by 187,000kWh, leading to a massive reduction in their carbon footprint – this year it will shrink by 94 tonnes.

Energia is offering businesses funding for their energy efficiency projects, helping them to realise even greater savings by using cutting edge technology. The scheme provides businesses with funding for up to 30% of the cost of energy saving projects. Replacing lighting, upgrading heating systems and refrigeration, variable speed drives and air compressors are all part of the funding scheme.

Not only will your business benefit from the funding provided by Energia but with the additional cost savings from the reduction in energy usage, these projects can literally pay for themselves.

The typical savings that can be achieved for each project are:

1. Lighting: Reduce your lighting costs by up to 75% by switching to LED.
2. Heating: Installing modern controls may save at least 25% of annual heating costs.
3. Refrigeration: Upgrading refrigeration can bring savings of up to 30%.

In addition, Energia will also provide expertise and assistance with implementing your project. Whether you are installing the project yourself or you require assistance from our carefully selected group of partners, Energia can help to get your project underway with safety and quality at the core.

Full details of this offer for any business can be found on www.energia.ie/funding <http://www.energia.ie/funding> .

Wasim Haskiya, Keelings’ Energy Manager commented, “We are delighted to be reducing our carbon footprint by 94 tonnes of CO2 this year. Here at Keelings, we are committed to ensuring a stable business for our customers and employees, whilst pursuing a positive impact on both the environment and local community. Our fruit is produced using sustainable practices and we’ve partnered with Energia to do our part in helping Ireland reach its sustainable targets.”

Cormac Mannion, Energy Services Manager, Energia commented: “We were delighted to partner with Keelings on this straightforward but highly effective energy efficiency project. By upgrading their lighting and improving the insulation at their facilities in Food Central, Keelings are making significant savings to their ongoing energy costs and reducing their carbon emissions.”

“Businesses of all sizes across Ireland are getting in touch with Energia to find out how they can get funding from us for up to 30% of the capital cost of these energy efficiency projects. Lighting, heating and refrigeration upgrade projects are proving particularly popular.”

Energia has a 26% market share of the Irish business electricity and gas market supplying the energy needs of over 60,000 business customers. In addition to renewable assets, the company also operates a 750MW gas fired power station in north Dublin.

Energia also offers the residential electricity and gas market a great new offer for consumers nationwide.  Energia will guarantee consumers savings of up to 15% off standard rates for both gas and electricity.

Energia has offices in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and Omagh.