Linham Construction to complete new Central Bank HQ building

Linham Construction has been selected as the contractor to transform the failed Anglo Irish Docklands building in to an ultra-modern new home for the Central Bank.

Located in North Wall Quay in Dublin’s Docklands, the building is expected to cost around E140m and will contain the very latest eco-build innovations.

The 30,000 sq m building can house 1,400 staff and contains a range of open floor office areas and meeting rooms.

The Central Bank defended its new offices as appropriate. “The facilities and finishes have been designed to a standard sufficient to provide a fit-for-purpose working environment,” it said.

“The emphasis of design is on addressing the environmental challenges of solar glare and heat, maximising operational efficiencies and value for money.”

Frank Flynn, M.D of Linham Construction said he is proud to be part of the team that will create an iconic, landmark city centre building.

“This particular building project will attract considerable public interest and the eyes of the nation are sure to be on it when it is finally unveiled as the new HQ for the Central Bank.”

“To win the contract is a strong endorsement of our ability to deliver work and services to the highest standards. Linham Construction is engaged on the enabling works for the site. The whole construction project is expected to be completed by the end of 2015, with Central Bank staff moving from their current Dame Street location to the Docklands in 2016,” he said. Source: Businessworld.