Randox Teoranta announces plans for €25m investment in Donegal

Randox Laboratories, the medical diagnostics company that is headquartered in County Antrim, today set out a new vision for the company’s future in Dungloe, County Donegal where it plans to add 470 jobs by 2020.

Random Teoranta’s facility in Dungloe is an engineering research and manufacturing centre, and today the company announced its plans to invest a further €25m in plant, equipment, building works and R&D over the next 5 to 6 years in Dungloe. This significant investment would increase its employment figures from 66 to 540 by 2020.

Part of Randox Laboratories, the global diagnostics group, Randox Teoranta was founded in 2008 as a next generation life-sciences and engineering research and manufacturing centre, with support from Údarás na Gaeltachta. In addition to engineering, Randox Teoranta says it “is the site of world-class scientific research into conditions impacting human health such as Alzheimer’s and diseases of the kidneys and liver.”

Randox Teoranta today showcased their newly expanded and refurbished facilities, and guests were briefed on Randox, their contribution to human health worldwide, and the company’s investment plans.

Speaking at today’s announcement, Dr. Peter FitzGerald, founder and managing director of Randox Laboratories, said, “Today we write the next chapter of the Randox story, a company that is committed to improving and saving lives through innovative diagnostics. Our strategy for Randox Dungloe 2020 is a strong demonstration of our commitment to the region, and indicates our commitment to Randox Teoranta as an integral part of our future plans. This is a visionary project with the power to transform the high-value knowledge economy of the region and we are excited by its potential. Our key message today is one of partnership, harnessing the power of the community and the diaspora is the key to help this company grow.”