Tullamore DEW Distillery near to Completion

Tullamore DEW has announced that its new €35 million distillery is nearing completion, with the installation of a custom-made Tullamore Distillery spirit safe.

Tullamore DEW intends to commence work at the new distillery in September, marking the 60th anniversary of the closure of the original distillery.

The symbolic and functional heart of a distillery, the installation of the Spirit Safe is a major milestone in bringing Tullamore D.E.W. production back to its hometown.

The spirit safe, which forms the ‘heart’ of the distillation process, was made by the Forsyth Group from Moray, Scotland, and transported 775 kilometers to the Tullamore distillery site.

“The installation of the Spirit Safe marks a momentous milestone in returning whiskey production to Tullamore,” said , Denise Devenny, Tullamore Distillery Process Leader.

“Today we saw the heart of the distillery being put in place right between the hand crafted pot and malt stills. The Spirit Safe is the most important element in the distillation process and is used to select the finest cut of spirits. There is no better sight than seeing pure spirit washing around the mouth of the collection bowl and disappearing to be matured in casks knowing that it will only re-appear many years later to be enjoyed by generations of whiskey connoisseurs.” Source: Checkout.