Roof Problems Solved with PMac

PMac Ltd are the official distributors of Asbestoseal™ and Blocksil™ liquid roofing products.

This exciting range of products is changing the face of liquid applied coatings.

Asbestoseal™ is the only purpose-made coating specifically for encapsulating asbestos.

Blocksil™ is a completely solvent-free, single-part, cold pour system that seals flat roofs & gutters


Their cut edge corrosion treatment when applied directly to rust gives c20 years protection

Completely hydrophobic, nothing compares to the unique qualities of the Asbestoseal™ and Blocksil™ range of roof coatings.

They offer

  • 20 years guarantee

  • Solvent & Halogen Free

  • Stays flexible between -60°c and +200°c

  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as -5°c in dry conditions

  • Accelerated age tested to +140 years life expectancy

  • 10 times more vapour permeable than any other membranes (DIN EN ISO 7783-2)

  • Will not support fungal growth – say goodbye to moss and lichen!

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