Small Irish Renewable Energy Generators to Sell Power for the First Time

For the first time, small renewable energy generators in Ireland will be able to sell electricity on the Single Electricity Market (SEM).

The Single Electricity Market is the wholesale electricity market operating across the island of Ireland.

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Templederry Renewable Energy Supply Ltd, trading as CRES (Community Renewable Energy Supply) has begun trading electricity on the Single Electricity Market (SEM).  CRES is Ireland’s first fully community owned electricity supply company. It is a sister company to Templederry Community Wind Farm in County Tipperary, Ireland’s only operational community owned wind farm.

Paul Kenny, CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency said “This is a significant day for Ireland and for small renewable energy generators. Previously, small generators of electricity did not have the option to sell their power.  Because of their size, suppliers were unwilling to enter into a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with them.  As a result, the electricity they were generating was being spilled into the national grid for free. Small scale renewable energy generators will now be able to sign Power Purchase Agreements. Regardless of size, they will have the opportunity to receive a fair payment for electricity exported to the grid.  To date, this has ranged from 6kW micro wind turbines to a 150kW hydro turbine.  All sizes of renewable generators are welcome”.

Tipperary Energy Agency has worked throughout this process with CRES. The agency has liaised with the Single Electricity Market, the Commission for Energy Regulation, the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, the Meter Registration System Operator and the Retail Market Design Service.