Daughter of Murphy Group founder John Murphy steps down

Ms. Caroline Murphy, the daughter of Murphy Group founder John Murphy has announced her resignation from the board of directors after eight years with the company.

In a release, Ms. Murphy said she believed the Murphy Group should develop into an employee-owned structure, but that there was “no space to develop this process further”.

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In a statement announcing her resignation today, she said: “Following eight years with the Murphy Group, I have formally decided to exit the company. “

My father John Murphy, remains a great inspiration to me. I was delighted to have seen the company grow in strength during the years I worked to embed his values into the structure of the Murphy Group. I was proud to see those efforts recognised independently too, when I was named as one of the top five private business women in the UK.

“The natural extension of my father’s values in my view, is the development of the Murphy Group into an employee owned structure.  I believe the future of his legacy is best entrusted into the capable hands of its people. I have been vocal in my belief that leadership of this business must include those working on the ground if it is to continue to deliver for the clients who have placed their trust in us over the years.

“Taking into account the direction of the board’s interests, the current structure holds no space for me to develop this process further.

“I wish all within the Murphy Group the greatest success for the future. I hope the company goes on to represent my father and continues to provide work and opportunity for many years to come.”