Kingspan appoint Charles Burns as first ever Director of Water

Kingspan plc, the world’s leading supplier of sustainable building materials, has appointed Charles Burns as its first ever Director of Water.

In the role he will be responsible for managing the company’s extensive portfolio of water saving solutions including, rainwater harvesting, and environmental waste water systems.

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Speaking today Charles Burns said: “Efficiency in the supply of water is one of the most critical issues facing Ireland in the next ten years. Adopting new technologies as standard in all of our buildings is central to solving the very real challenges we face.”

“Now that water has a price everything has changed. I will be encouraging the Irish Government to take innovative policy steps to encourage hard-pressed consumers to use new technologies in their homes to become more efficient in their use of water,” he added.

Charles Burns has worked at Kingspan since 1999. For the past 15 years he has specialised in water saving technologies and has an expert knowledge of rainwater harvesting, off-mains wastewater and storm water recycling for domestic and commercial developments.

He has a particular interest in how new technologies can future proof Ireland’s overreliance on mains water, and tackle our ongoing and worsening crisis with water supply.

In his role as Director of Water, he will work to strengthen Kingspan’s position as one of the World’s leading authorities on water saving technologies.

He is married with 2 sons and lives in Newry, Co Down.

Kingspan Group plc is a leading manufacturer of sustainable building materials.

It is one of the world’s leading authorities on water saving technologies and manufacturers products for rainwater harvesting, off-mains wastewater and storm-water for both domestic and commercial markets.