Construction jobs growth a key focus of Action Plan for Jobs

Construction jobs will be supported on the back of the recent ‘Action for jobs’ plan.

Minister for Housing and Planning, Jan O’Sullivan, said: “Capital investment in housing initiatives will contribute to job growth in the important construction sector in 2014.

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This year more than €200m in housing investment will produce an important social dividend and support job growth in the construction sector.

“Among the key investments will be:

• A new €65m local authority house building programme;

• A €35m investment for housing for people with a special need;

• A major energy efficiency programme with €30m spent on local authority housing stock;

• €10m special resolution fund for unfinished housing estates;

• €15m fund to bring long-term vacant public houses back into beneficial use in 2014;

• €70m for Regeneration projects in Limerick, Dublin, Cork, Dundalk, Tralee and Sligo.

“Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, and I will both be contributing to a new Strategy for the construction sector to address some of the key challenges it faces, including developing a strategic approach to housing supply, identifying and implementing further improvements in the planning process to facilitate appropriate development, and working to improve financing options for development and mortgage provision”.