Sepam looking for 200 new team members

A Clonmel-based construction firm Sepam is looking to hire up to 200 staff locally after winning a contract to build the biggest petro chemical plant in Saudi Arabia.

The massive project is gearing up to be the largest ever petrochemical facility built in the world.

SEPAM’s currently employs almost 3,500 people around the world, this new announcement will be in addition to their current staff numbers.

“Sepam is delighted to be working on this ground-breaking project and we are actively seeking two hundred or more Irish professionals who are looking to expand their horizons and gain valuable experience abroad,” said Sepam strategic business unit director Andrew Kearney.

SEPAM began 38 years ago in Clonmel, Ireland and since then has grown exponentially to a company that operates in 4 continents.

At the opening of their Dublin office. Andrew Kearney, SEPAM’s Group Strategic Unit Director commented: “Being available in our capital city is important because it is a central location and a hub for business in Ireland. The Dublin location will also allow us to attract ambitious talent who are drawn to the city to enhance their careers, with the opportunities and resources SEPAM has to offer, working for us should be an attractive prospect for anyone looking to further their career. With office space and meeting rooms, we are able to support and host our clients from this location”.

“Our New office is part of our investment strategy to build a strong sustainable business in Ireland. Successes on the international stage have renewed our passion to be successful in our home market and it is the company’s goal to grow our domestic business moving into 2014 and beyond.”