New EU proposal will keep renewable energy firmly on the agenda says SEAI

An announcement by the EU Commission of new climate and energy goals for 2030 reinforces the case for continuing investment in Ireland renewable energy capacity, according to Dr Brian Motherway, CEO of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

“Speculation that resolve would be weakened is far from the truth – the EU Commission today announced its intention to impose a more demanding target for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as part of an ambitious climate energy policy, which includes a binding EU target for renewable energy,” said Dr Brian Motherway.

He continued: “We welcome the strong signal from the EU that its collective drive towards decarbonisation and renewable energy will continue.  A 40% CO2 reduction is very challenging and it will only be met with a continued shift to renewable energy.  This is strengthened by the inclusion of a binding 27% renewable target for the EU as a whole.

“While there are very different views across Europe as to how far strong climate and energy targets should go, Ireland’s excellent renewable energy resource puts us in a strong position.  Fortunately, Ireland has a considerable comparative advantage in terms of the renewable energy resource available to us and we are already making great inroads in its use. Our analysis shows that renewable energy in Ireland in 2012 reduced our emissions of CO2 by two million tonnes. This is being done without raising electricity prices.”