Pure performance core to Hilti’s new 8 kg combihammer

Pure performance core to Hilti’s new 8 kg combihammer. Lower vibration and a reduced power-to-weight ratio have been cited by Hilti as two key performance developments in its new, next generation 8 kg combihammer.


The TE 80-ATC AVR features the company’s Active Vibration Reduction system which has cut the tri-axial measurement to 7.5 m/s”, meaning an operative can drill 696 holes-per-day (based on a 25 mm diameter to 100 mm depth) before reaching exposure limit value (ELV).

In addition a drilling speed of 360 revolutions per minute (rpm), compared to an industry standard of 250-280 rpm, and a 1,700 watt motor achieves an impressive performance-to-weight ratio by creating a single impact energy of 11.5 joules and a hammering speed of 2760 blows per minute.

Other improvements include a new, larger slip clutch and a unique air cooling concept that reduces the working temperature of the tool and cuts dust intake, improving both operator productivity and reducing maintenance and repair downtime.

Hilti’s Active Torque Control (ATC) triggers an immediate electronic safety cut-out if the drill bit becomes jammed. Worker health and safety is further improved with a Dust Removal Systems (DRS) available for drill bits, chiselling and coring.

The product is designed for hammer drilling in concrete, masonry and natural stone up to a 150 mm diameter using TE-Y and TE-YX drill bits. It can also be used to core in concrete and masonry up to 150 mm, and for mid-to-heavy chiseling.

The TE 80-ATC AVR can be purchased through Hilti’s Fleet Management programme or – for customers who prefer to own their own tools – outright with Hilti Lifetime Service which gives a complete no-cost period of two years.

Martin Amstalden, Northern Europe Product Manager for Heavy Duty Tools at Hilti, said: “This tool category is hugely popular with the building construction, tool hire, civil engineering and structural steel trades where productivity and safety are key.

“We boast a heritage of over 40 years developing combihammers across the full range of weight classes. The R&D teams always look to improve the productivity, performance and safety and the TE 80-ATC AVR is no exception.”

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