Crowley Carbon to create 20 new jobs at the world’s first Carbon Control Centre

Enterprise Ireland-backed Crowley Carbon is to create 20 new jobs at what is claimed to be the world’s first Carbon Control Centre (C3), which will be located at Powerscourt, Enniskerry, Wicklow.

The state-of-the-art facility will enable Crowley Carbon to monitor, control and alert clients to any event that is causing their equipment to consume more energy than should be required.

The ground-breaking, proprietary technology has been in development for the past two years and undergone extensive testing at sites in Ireland where its use has reduced energy costs by as much as 30 percent.

“With ever-rising energy costs, the roll-out of C3 technology will allow businesses to be pro-active, rather than reactive, towards any potential increases that may arise in relation to ongoing energy bills,” the company’s CEO Norman Crowley explained.

“By providing our customers with accurate, reliable, and real-time information around excessive energy consumption, Crowley Carbon has re-set the benchmark for Irish consumers and businesses, all of whom will benefit from the significant cost savings, job creation and environmental benefits that will arise as a direct consequence of greatly-reduced energy consumption.” Source: Silicon Republic.