Ferrari dealer gives green light to recovery with launch of supercar showroom

The Charles Hurst showroom in Belfast has been built with “performance and function” in mind. Inside there is space for eight models with room for a further 25 outside.

All display cars indoors have been repositioned to give the best lighting, space and viewing angles possible. Its new customer lounge is said to be create a relaxing and welcoming environment for customers to enjoy throughout buying and owning their Ferrari. The company says that the lounge is designed to be a reflection of the brand itself; featuring authentic Italian materials combined with light colours, shades of white and grey, and a mixture of different light sources.

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Irish Ferrari sales were hit hard in 2008 but Charles Hurst expects that 2013, will be a record year according to franchise director Richard Stinson, sitting in the marble tile, white leather and shiny car emporium. Michael Schumacher’s F1 racing car is parked out front. The Charles Hurst numbers include strong sales in the North as well as some overseas business. Ferrari drivers are remarkably loyal to their dealers. Even if they live abroad. Charles Hurst recently delivered a Ferrari out to a client in Monaco.

We are delighted to see the Charles Hurst showroom re-opening here in Belfast,” said Matteo Torre, Regional Manager for Ferrari North Europe. “I know we have many clients in the Emerald Isle whose experience with the brand will be enhanced by the new facilities.”

Ferrari also does a thriving business in second-hand super cars. Most people’s first Ferrari is a second-hand one. The average age of a buyer is about 47. Charles Hurst operates a special “approved” second-hand Ferrari sales programme with guarantees and warranties as long as your arm. Second-hand cars are bigger down south than up north.

The market is also set to be boosted by changes in the car tax regime, which now means owners can reclaim a big chunk of tax back if they offload their car abroad. Source: The Irish Independent.