Dataplex opens Ireland’s Most Energy Efficient Data Centre

Irish company Dataplex has opened a €23m data centre facility in west Dublin. 
The data will be used by large corporations, such as banks, for storage and to host services provided by them to consumers.Its owners say it is the most environmentally and efficient data centre in Ireland.The second phase of the facility is currently under construction after investment was secured for the expansion of the facility. It is expected that 25 jobs will be created by Dataplex over the coming years to meet its growth plans.

According to Dataplex chief executive Eddie Kilbane, the second phase will now see the overall capacity triple at the B10 facility.

“With investment now in place for Phase 2 here in Dublin, we will deliver ongoing innovation and tailored market-shaping facilities. We are also developing new data centre facilities elsewhere in Europe, specifically, in London and Malta, which will be available for clients to move in during 2014,” he added. Meanwhile, Microsoft has secured planning permission for its fourth data centre at Clondalkin in South Dublin.Ireland is an attractive location for these facilities. The country’s temperate climate dramatically reduces the need to either heat them during winter or cool them during summer.Data centres are more and more necessary because of the extent to which we rely on service, for example music streaming and online document storage, which are provided over the internet rather than having the information and software stored on home computers. Source: RTE News