Priory Hall could be replicated across the country – Hogan

Environment Minister Phil Hogan said the problems of Priory Hall could be replicated across the country, and that local authorities had reported a range of issues in housing developments.

But some residents may be unaware that their home is subject to an investigation by their local authority because of poor building standards.

Affected homeowners “may not be aware of the issues” affecting their home, a spokesman for the Department of the Environment said.

But he added that in cases where fire safety issues had been identified, residents would be informed by their local council.

Speaking in Dublin yesterday, Mr Hogan said local authorities had reported a range of problems with sub-standard housing after his department’s Building Control section made contact late last year in the wake of the Priory Hall scandal.

Hundreds of residents were evacuated from their homes in 2011 after Dublin City Council said they were unsafe to live in.

The council will appeal a High Court ruling ordering it to pay for the residents’ temporary accommodation next month in the Supreme Court, after which Mr Hogan said he would meet with affected homeowners.

“There is, I’m sure, several places that could have similar problems like Priory Hall,” Mr Hogan, pictured, said.

“I asked the local authorities last year to have a look around and make sure everything was up to standard and meets the regulations but there has been a number of areas identified that are not up to scratch.

“I want to assure everybody, and in particular the residents of Priory Hall, that I will resolve these matters when the court process is completed,” he said.