Kenny welcomes €10m funding under energy initiative

Labour TD Sean Kenny has welcomed the announcement of the first €10m of a €50m energy efficiency programme for local authority homes. 

“€10m will be invested this year to improve the energy efficiency of some 5,000 local authority homes. Energy efficiency programmes result in lower energy bills, improved housing stock and reduced carbon emissions. This will be a major three- year programme that Minister Jan O’Sullivan announced in June and it also has the capacity to create hundreds of jobs in the green energy sector.

“Labour in Government is determined to see €50m invested over three years. This will reduce the energy bills of 25,000 families who currently live in local authority houses with very poor insulation. It is part of a wider Government stimulus programme that will see significant investment in schools and roads. I expect the energy efficiency initiative will create up to 1,000 jobs – in both the private sector and among community-based organisations that deliver energy efficiency measures.”