Irish Tradespeople to benefit from changes to Australian Visa Rules

The Australian Government assessment authorities have just released a list of occupations which are now eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency (PR) visa in the country – even if the applicants do not have official qualifications. According to experts at leading migration Visa First the announcement will come as good news to Ireland’s young construction workers and tradespeople who have yet to complete their training, but who already have 5years work experience.

According to Edwina Shanahan, Manager,, “Up until now all applicants had to have completed Fás or formal apprenticeship training plus have 2 years post-qualification work experience to be eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa to Australia. However, now there is a list of over 30 occupations that can apply without these formal qualifications. Given how much Ireland’s construction industry has suffered in the last few years, this will come as welcome news to many of the young apprentices and workers who have either been let go before they’ve been able to finish their training, or who know that even if they qualify the chances of them getting work in Ireland for the foreseeable future is slim”. say that Australia has long since been a favourite destination for Irish workers. States like WA and New South Wales in particular have a high percentage of Irish workers in their construction labour force.    

Edwina continued, “Australian employers are used to hiring Irish workers – they know they have a strong work ethic and because there is a high demand for quality tradespeople in Australia they are happy to hire people from Ireland”.

New Zealand is also still very much an option for trades and professionals, have noted that most Irish workers travel to New Zealand on a temporary work permit and have pre-arranged job offers.

The migration specialists believe that recent changes to the Canadian permanent resident visa application process coupled with these new changes in Australia will have a knock on effect and will increase the numbers of people looking to migrate to Australia.
Edwina went on to say, “Recent changes to permanent residency requirements in Canada have meant that all trades and nurses can only apply for permanent residence if they have a pre-arranged job offer. This was not that case last year. We believe these people may now change their preferred work destination to Australia”. say there will be strict guidelines on work experience requirements and evidence that cores areas of competency have been completed during an applicant’s work experience.

• Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
• Automotive Electrician
• Baker
• Bricklayer
• Cabinetmaker
• Carpenter
• Carpenter and Joiner
• Chef
• Cook
• Diesel Motor Mechanic
•• Electrical Linesworker
• Electrician (General)
• Electrician (Special Class)
• Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
• Fitter (General)
• Fitter and Turner
• Fitter-Welder
• Joiner
• Metal Fabricator
• Metal Fitters and Machinists (nec)
• Metal Machinist (First Class)
• Motor Mechanic (General)
• Motorcycle Mechanic
• Panel Beater
• Pastrycook
• Plumber (General)
• Pressure Welder
• Sheet Metal Trades Worker
• Small Engine Mechanic
• Technical Cable Jointer
• Toolmaker
• Vehicle Body Builder
• Vehicle Painter
• Welder (First Class)