Housing Conference to be held in Cork

Speaking about the upcoming Housing Conference to be held in Cork at the Clarion Hotel on Saturday April 27th, Phil Prendergast MEP has outlined her passion for the conference. 

She said: “The economic crisis that we have been living through has brought about many changes and challenges, and we as a country need to rethink the way people find and pay for the roof over their heads.

“I am delighted that months of planning and organisation has led to the conference, which will allow us to discuss mortgage credit, how government decisions affect personal finance, home ownership and housing supports. We want to focus on the future and consider planning policy, sustainable homes, green initiatives and community development.

“We have brought together speakers from across Ireland and beyond to debate, reflect on past lessons and prepare the future for housing markets and housing policies. These issues have proved far too critical for us to carry on without a comprehensive look at all the factors that affect cost and access to homes. I hope that this initiative will be a first step to inform and support people and policy-makers in future housing decisions.”

The ‘Affordable Homes and Sustainable Housing’ Conference kicks off at 9am with Registration at the Clarion Hotel this Saturday the 27th of April.