Narrow Water Bridge proposal moves forward

Northern Ireland Transport Minister Danny Kennedy said that the Draft Orders are being prepared under Articles 4,5 and 6 of the Roads Order and would be published for public consultation next month.

He said:“Until now Roads Service has not had any direct involvement with the proposal nor has it made any commitment to contribute funding to this infrastructure project. While Roads Service representatives have met with the council officials and their technical advisers in the past and have offered advice to those developing the project, the project is being progressed by Louth County Council, in partnership with Newry and Mourne District Council.

“Louth County Council has written to Roads Service advising that their project has received notice of funding from INTERREG IV (A) and have asked Roads Service for information on the procedures to obtain a Bridge Order.

“Roads Service has liaised with Louth County Council on these Orders which are required to deal with the impact of the bridge proposal on Newry River which is a navigable waterway at the location of the bridge.

“Once the consultation period, which is likely to be around six weeks, is over, I will have to consider whether a public inquiry is necessary, depending on the number and nature of objections – if any.”