Minister for Public & Commuter Transport, Alan Kelly, has today announced over €8.3 million worth of sustainable transport investment projects for Cork City and suburbs.

The funding, which is part of the regional cities sustainable transport programme, will go towards improving the walking, cycling and public transport experience for city commuters.

Cork City and County councils will be allocated a total of almost €8.3 million for the local transport infrastructure and scoping studies for improved traffic management in the city. Cork City has relatively low public transport usage, just 8% of commuters in the city and the suburbs using public transport compared to 21% in Dublin. Cork also has a relatively low cycling share with just 2% of commuters using bikes to get to and from school and work.

Announcing the news, Minister Alan Kelly, welcomed the improvements to the transport experience of people in the city and hopes it will improve the sustainable transport use in the city.

“We want more people to use public transport, cycle and walk to work or school. But people need the necessary infrastructure to make the choice to change their mode of travel. This investment programme is a welcome step to improve local traffic pinch points and to enhance more sustainable transport patterns for the people of Cork City. We don’t have as much funding as we want but we are making the best use of what we have,” stated the Minister.

Among the key projects is almost €1 million euro spent between a new city centre movement strategy which will re-locate road space on the city centre streets facilitating public transport to decrease journey times and enhance the environment for pedestrians and cyclists.
A further €600,000 will be spent on improving access to Kent station as well as half a million to be spent improving the links to the city centre.
Funding will also be used to complete projects commenced last year with a new cycle route to connect the city centre to University College Cork and cycle corridors to link both Douglas and the Ballyvolane to the City centre.

The monies will also see the completion of the first phase of the Carrigaline Green Route and commencement of the second phase to improve the bus and cycling provision along Maryborough Hill.

The Minister took the opportunity to re-iterate his commitment to bringing a bike-rental scheme to Cork city. An advertising programme seeking a potential sponsor for such a scheme was undertaken and Minister Kelly reported ‘good progress.’”

“I would be hopeful that Cork city can secure a sponsor for this scheme. The NTA and my Department are actively working on proposals and there is some time to run but there has been some interest in Cork city.”