Passive House planning facilitated by new certified components

Darmstadt/Munich. With record number of new components Passive House Institute certified, Passive House design has never been easier. A total of 134 products received the internationally recognised seal of quality in 2012, and the trend is set to continue. The often specific wishes of clients are becoming ever easier for architects to satisfy while fulfilling the highest demands in energy efficiency, with manufacturers having developed certified components such as sliding doors, dome lights and balcony systems. The Passive House Institute will present the certificates for a range of new products at the BAU 2013 trade fair in Munich.

“Anyone building a Passive House today has a wide range of high quality products to choose from”, says Professor Dr. Wolfgang Feist, director of the Institute. This is also often evident from the price. “In the past few years, pioneers in the market have constantly improved their products and simplified their application; new suppliers have entered the market. As a result, a great variety of building components required for Passive House is now available and, in many cases, these components have become cheaper”, continues Feist.

With ventilation systems, for example, since the end of 2012, Passive House designers have been able to choose from over 100 certified units. The number of certified window frames also comes in at just under 100. “This trend benefits the entire building sector”, says Dr. Benjamin Krick, senior scientist at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. After all, these certificates guarantee the highest standard of thermal comfort when used in any energy efficient building.

As an independent authority, the Passive House Institute tests and certifies products with regard to their suitability for use in Passive House buildings. The Institute tests high performance components according to uniform criteria, visible online at <> , thus facilitating comparison with reference to energy-relevant parameters. The seal of quality awarded to Certified Passive House Components offers building owners and architects planning certainty while the use of certified products contributes to the proper functioning of Passive House buildings.

At the BAU trade fair in Munich, the following certificates will be presented to respective manufacturers by Dr. Wolfgang Feist of the Passive House Institute: