€154,400 granted to Waterford company for hydroelectric generation plant – Coffey

Fine Gael Waterford Deputy, Paudie Coffey, has said the €154,400 granted to Ecotricity Ltd by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government under the LEADER programme is extremely positive for rural Waterford. This funding will go towards the construction of a new hydroelectric generation plant on the Glasha River and hopefully it will lead to long term sustainable development of this area of rural county Waterford.

“This project, which will cost €430,000, will be of immense benefit to county Waterford. The grant will contribute over 30% of the total costs of the construction of this project and will help with the development of clean renewable energy in rural county Waterford.

“The area of renewable energy is one that I have a keen interest in and this is an issue that I have been pursuing for some time now. We, as a country, face the challenge of reducing our carbon footprint and it is these types of projects will help to improve our environment. This will have a positive impact on our economy as more of these projects are supported. I am pleased that one of the first types of these projects to be supported in the country will be in county Waterford on the Glasha River in northern part of Waterford county.

“The LEADER Programme is focused on the development of micro-enterprises, rural services, rural recreation and rural tourism. It is hoped that, by focusing on these services, the Programme will lead to sustainable development, which in turn will ensure prosperity for the rural areas.

“I understand the project will now go back to the Board of Waterford LEADER Partnership Ltd. for the final approval on the project. This is in line with the EU’s ‘bottom-up’ approach to rural development.”