CIF supports the Governments pyrite Homes action

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) supports the initiative taken by the Government to resolve the problems faced by owners of pyrite affected homes which will enable works to proceed on correcting the damage.  Since these problems first came to light the position of the CIF has always been that the purchasers of these properties should not be held responsible for their repair. 

We are glad that the Government’s solution will seek to solve the pyrite problems caused in these homes.  We hope this will ensure the residents and owners of these properties are no longer subjected to uncertainty or stress about the structural stability of their homes.  The substantial work carried out by the residents to have their problems recognised and addressed should also be acknowledged and commended.

The Federation has worked extensively with the Government so that a resolution process could be established and is pleased that all stakeholders including the Irish Concrete Federation, HomeBond, the Irish Banking Federation and the insurance industry are involved in tackling this problem.

It is unfortunate that the industry must now pay a price with a levy on aggregates which will drive up costs for industry and procurers of new infrastructure.  The levy on construction materials will add to costs in an industry that is already struggling.  It will be necessary to ensure that this levy is not implemented indefinitely so that it does not become a general tax on the construction industry.

This issue has highlighted the fact that standards for stone to be used as fill under floors fell short of what was required to protect homeowners against pyrite heave.  Government proposals for the introduction of revised standards for stone will be welcomed throughout the construction industry so that we do not have a recurrence of this terrible problem.  Today’s solution will help correct the problems of the past but the real signal of progress will be to make certain more pyrite problems don’t arise in the future.