Crowley Carbon signs €64 Million deal to deliver energy efficiency to Dubai with 35 Jobs for Enniskerry

Crowley Carbon, an Irish-based Energy Services Company, has announced a new agreement, estimated to be worth €64 million over the next three years, with ‘Emrill’, one of the largest Facilities Management companies in the Middle East, reports Irish Building Magazine.

The deal will see the Irish company deploy its unique Smart Building technology to some of the tallest residential and commercial towers in the world from its Carbon Control Centre in Powerscourt in Enniskerry. The agreement will create 35 new jobs at the centre, including roles for Engineers and Project Managers.

Emrill is a joint venture between property giants, Emaar – the owner of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world, and the UK Construction and Facilities Company, Carillion Plc. Emrill manages some of the largest residential and commercial complexes and buildings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Through its agreement with Crowley Carbon, Emrill will provide its clients with the most advanced range of cutting-edge products and solutions available in the areas of HVAC, Chilling, Refrigeration, Motive Power, Lighting and Renewable Energy.

Energy prices in the Dubai have increased by 30 percent in the last year alone. Most of the major buildings in Dubai were built when oil was just $35 per barrel. With prices currently standing at over $100 per barrel, the region is now extremely focused on pro-actively reducing energy costs.

Speaking at the announcement, Chairman of Crowley Carbon, Norman Crowley, said that the pioneering collaboration marked the beginning of a new era of opportunity for Energy Management in the region and he believes that the combined skills offered by this unique partnership will ensure delivery of a complete solution that will best maximise the wide-ranging needs of its clients:

“We are delighted that Dubai is embracing the significant financial and environmental opportunities offered by pro-actively engaging with the area of energy efficiency.”

“Emrill Energy’s unique service offering will provide each client with a tailor-made Energy Management Solution built from the world’s most-advanced energy saving technologies and we are confident that the combined experience and expertise of the team at Emrill – and all involved in this pioneering collaboration – will guide Dubai to the next stage in its development.’

Ben Churchill, Managing Director of Emrill, believes that this agreement will revolutionise its offerings in the area of Facilities Management and enable all parties involved to bring their commitment to the creation of a sustainable future further than ever before:

“By identifying the vast, locked-in potential of buildings to minimise their impact on the environment and achieve unprecedented cost reductions into the future, we have opened the door to a cleaner, greener and more cost-effective way for businesses to operate not only throughout the Middle East but around the world.”