Court says Quinn children must testify

The Quinn family have fought hard to avoid the Quinn Children being forced to testify in court but the High Court has decided otherwise. The children and other family members of jailed businessman Sean Quinn will be cross-examined at the Commercial Court next month to establish if they have disclosed full details of their bank accounts and assets the Business and Leadership Website reports.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly yesterday granted an application by Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, formerly Anglo Irish Bank, to cross-examine the five children and three of their spouses as part of its efforts to protect assets in the Quinns’ international property group.

The bank has alleged the Quinn defendants have conspired to strip assets from the property group.

The bank brought the application after saying it did not believe the Quinns had made full disclosure of their accounts and assets in affidavits sworn by them. The Quinns insisted they had disclosed all the material available to them. In his judgment, Mr Justice Kelly said he was satisfied the cross-examination was necessary “to fill the vacuum”.