Budget 2013 Main Points.

Mr Noonan said budget day was “a good day for taking stock of where we are” as a country, as he delivered the sixth austerity budget in five years.

Here are the main points so far:

Unvouched expenses for TDs abolished

Third-level registration fees to rise

Child benefit cut by €10 per month

Expenditure adjustments of €2.25bn

Capital Acquisitions Tax threshold falls by 10 per cent.

Carbon tax extended to solid fuels

Corporation tax remains unchanged

DIRT increases by 3% to 33%

Motor tax to rise from January 1st

Excise duty on tobacco to increase

€1 duty increase on wine

10 cent rise on spirits, beer and cider

No increase on petrol/diesel

Property tax will be collected by the Revenue

Property tax based on market value introduced

Increase in USC for over 70s with incomes of €60,000+

Homes bought in 2013 exempt from property tax

Film tax relief extended to 2020

Tourism 9% VAT rate to remain for 2013

Farmers to get extended rate of stock relief

CRO to publish guidance for SMEs on credit

CRO to extend team of reviewers

Diesel rebate for hauliers from July

R&D tax credits amended to encourage innovation

Tax reform plan for SMEs