“Extend hours of HGV Ban in Dublin City? Last Chance to have your say”

Dublin City Council is in the final days of public consultation on whether to extend the current operating hours of the HGV 5+ axle Cordon in Dublin City, and we want to gauge people’s views on the proposal by 5.30pm this Friday (07 December 2012). The current operating hours run from 07.00hrs to 19.00hrs, while the proposed changes would see the Cordon extending from either 06.00hrs or 07.00hrs to 12 midnight.

The proposal follows a motion by the Transportation and Traffic Strategic Policy Committee last September recommending implementation of the changes. The Traffic Department then prepared a report which can be viewed at the link below.

According to Brendan O’Brien, Head of Technical Services (Traffic), “Since the HGV 5+ axle Cordon came into force in February 2007, over 4,000 HGVs per day have been removed from the City’s streets. This has led to a greener environment and a safer City for pedestrians and cyclists. The current proposal would see an additional 120 trucks approximately diverted away from the City’s streets. We urge people to have their say and to give us their views by 5.30pm this Friday”.

Detailed information on the HGV Management Strategy, together with a copy of the report can be viewed on the hyperlink below. Submissions can be made to Dublin City Council and should be emailed to traffic@dublincity.ie before 5.30pm on Friday, 7th December 2012.

Hyperlink: www.dublincity.ie/hgv