Dublin City Council Cuts Commercial Rates, will others follow suit?

Dublin City Council’s decision to reduce commercial rates for 2013 by 0.5%, is a message of support to struggling Dublin businesses, and now other local authorities must follow suit, says Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Chief Executive Gina Quin said, “There were initial indications that a commercial rates cut was not on the cards, so the decision by Dublin City Councillors to reduce rates by 0.5% is welcome news for businesses in the city. The current revaluation of commercial properties that is taking place in the Dublin City Council area could lead to an increase in the rates bill for some businesses from 2014 onwards so any reduction in advance of this is positive. The remaining three Dublin county councils will vote on their 2013 budgets in the next three weeks and be put to the test as to how supportive they really are of commerce.”

In the past four years, commercial rates have been reduced by 5% in the Dublin City Council area.

“In these very demanding economic times, each one of us – as citizens, employers, officials and representatives – must share the same goal of making Dublin an attractive and competitive location in which to live, visit and work. Businesses must continue to scrutinise all of their costs to identify areas where savings can be made in order to remain in business and continue to employ staff; Councillors must continue to support proposals and initiatives that will support employment; and local authorities must continue their cost reduction programmes and their efforts to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness,” concluded Ms Quin.