Local authorities are gearing up to deliver Hogan’s reforms

“One of the key elements of ‘Putting People First’, the forthcoming Action Programme for Effective Local Government, will be a refocusing and re-invigoration of local authorities’ work in support of enterprise, business and job creation” said Phil Hogan TD, Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government today (14th Sept 2012).  “At this critical juncture in our economic history, local government has a vital role to play in supporting economic development.  My Action Programme will empower local government in an entirely new way to take ownership and lead development for their local communities,” Minister Hogan commented.

Minister Hogan made his remarks when welcoming publication of the County and City Managers’ Association (CCMA’s) report on Local Authority Support to Enterprise and Business – Analysis of Economic Templates.  “Local authorities must play a leading role in creating a pro-enterprise supportive environment to generate new jobs and sustain existing ones,” Minister Hogan stated, adding “local authorities are committed to local economic development, and are best placed to meet many of the needs of businesses, in terms of infrastructure, local promotion and other key enabling measures undertaken with partners at local and community level.”

The Minister noted that “local authorities have been creative in identifying opportunities to support enterprise”, and highlighted the opportunity presented by this Report.  “Today’s CCMA Report is an important tool in identifying and spreading best practice in enterprise and business supports across the country, and is evidence that local government can deliver as part of my forthcoming Action Programme.”

“The CCMA Report will also prove valuable in advising Councillors, and the general public they serve, of the opportunities available to their own local authority in supporting enterprise and jobs, as each local authority develops its own strategy to support the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs” Minister Hogan added.

Minister Hogan congratulated the CCMA for its initiative in undertaking the study and concluded that “this report demonstrates the capacity of local government to take on the leading role of micro-enterprise support at county and city level when Local Enterprise Offices are established in local authorities shortly”.