30 September marks project registration deadline for 2012 Passive House Days

For the last 8 years, owners, architects and residents of Passive House buildings across the globe have opened their doors to the public on the second weekend of November for the International Passive House Days.

Those wanting to share their knowledge and experience by opening their buildings for the 9th annual Passive House Days, to be held worldwide from 9 to 11 November 2012, are encouraged to spread the word locally and take part, thus allowing visitors to experience first hand the affordability, comfort and sustainability synonymous with the Passive House Standard.

Participating Passive House buildings with their respective viewing appointments are currently being published on the Passive House Database (www.passivehouse-database.org) and people whishing to view Passive Houses during the Passive House Days should be sure to keep checking the database for new entries.

All those wishing to open their buildings for the Passive House Days should be sure to register their Passive House buildings with the database by 30 Sep 2012 so that they can make their participation and viewing appointments known. After this date, Passive House Days participation and viewing appointments may only be entered for buildings already registered with the database. Instructions on free database registration and Passive House Days participation can be found here.

The International Passive House Association will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Passive House Days via email at info@passivehouse-international.org.

Help make this event a success by passing this invitation on to all those with Passive House buildings to show for the 2012 Passive House Days. We look forward to your participation!