IWEA Autumn Conference will take place in the INEC in Killarney, Thursday 4th October

IWEA is delighted to announce that the Autumn Conference will take place in the INEC in Killarney on Thursday 4th October. The main sponsor for the event is Element Power Ireland Development Ltd and supporting sponsor is SSE Renewables. Lunch will be sponsored by ENERCON Windfarm Services Ireland Ltd, Ecocem are the Exhibition Audio Visuals sponsor and Mason Hayes & Curran are the Conference Audio Visuals sponsor.

Renewables will form part of Ireland and Europe’s plan to re-launch jobs and growth; we simultaneously face global challenges, including resource scarcity and climate change. Europe has the world’s highest net imports of resources per person, making it highly vulnerable to resource shocks.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that a European focus on fiscal austerity and structural reform only will not create jobs, restore public finances, nor lay the foundations for prosperity. Investment in the ‘green economy’ can connect these two timeframes, creating growth and jobs now, and lay the foundation for Irish prosperity for the future. Ireland arguably has the best renewable resources in Europe.  Ireland can seize the opportunity to not only transform our own economy by meeting our own targets but we can lead the booming market for green growth across Europe.  No other sector offers the same logic of scale, opportunity and necessity.

The opportunities for Ireland are clear, large inward investment to meet domestic 2020 targets; investment in exporting wind energy both leading to opportunities for greater trade, significant job creation, security of supply and climate change action. The IWEA conference will focus on the opportunities in the domestic and export market and outline the action’s needed to remove the surmountable barrier that exist to secure this opportunity. These include timely policy implementation, infrastructure delivery, planning and social acceptance of wind and energy infrastructure and finally the availability and structure of finance to transition to a low carbon energy future as targeted by the EU commission.
This event provides great opportunities for network and business development, in particular through exhibition and sponsorship opportunities.