Keep Gutters Clear with Freefoam’s Hedgehog™ Gutter Brush

Freefoam Plastics, the market leader in environmentally friendly, innovative roofline and rainwater products, has launched the award winning Hedgehog™ Gutter Brush.  The product has been specifically designed to keep gutters and drains clear of leaves, twigs, sticks, birds and other wind-blown debris all year round.  It is simple to fit and automatically adapts to the shape of any gutter.

Blocked gutters can be a constant worry and the lack of regular, and often precarious, maintenance can cause irreversible damage to gutters, downpipes and roof tiles.  This damage can, in turn, lead to more problems.  These problems can be easily avoided by fitting the Hedgehog™ Gutter Brush.  The product is manufactured using a stainless steel wire core and polypropylene bristles to create the long lasting gutter brush.  The product is 100mm wide, 4m long and comes with clips for easy fitting.

Aidan Harte, Managing Director, comments, “The response we have received from the award winning Hedgehog Gutter Brush has been very positive.  There is strong interest in the easy fitting and low maintenance features of the product and we believe demand will continue to grow as people become familiar with the product. It really is a product for the modern lifestyle. It’s an innovative product and in today’s market people are looking for new offerings.”

For further information and images please contact:

Brendan Hyland

021 4911043